Academy Eye Associates, an independent private practice in optometry, situated in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, is dedicated to delivering you and your family with the most comprehensive and thorough eye care possible. We pride ourselves on our modern offices and warm caring atmosphere.

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  City Chapel Hill, NC
  Zip Code 27514
  Address 910 Martin Luther King Jr, # 100
  Phone Number (919) 942-1735

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Academy Eye offers various eye care programs and services, ranging from professional eye exams to more specialized services such as laser vision correction. Academy's eye care team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality eye care possible for your individual needs. With today's advanced technology, we understand you have many choices in a provider and each may have a different approaches to help correct or improve a variety of vision problems, so we are happy you are hear and we hope we can become your eye doctors now and the years to come.

Under the direction of Dr. Henry Greene, the Center for Vision Rehabilitation in Durham, NC, specializes in providing low vision care for individuals who are visually impaired. Vision rehabilitation uses special methods of evaluation and treatment to determine methods to maximize vision for individuals whose vision is not adequate for their needs - such as reading, driving, reading signs, seeing the blackboard, using the computer. These tests are not the same as the routine eye examinations you might experience when visiting your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Vision insurance plans cover ROUTINE eye care only. Examples of this are nearsighted, farsighted, and regular astigmatism. These Vision insurance examinations are wellness exams meant for more routine examinations. The Vision insurance often covers a portion of glasses or contact lenses and contact lens services. If the doctor diagnoses a medical related eye problem during this routine examination, you will need to return for further testing and evaluation to assist the diagnosis and management of the medical issue.

There is no single treatment that is best across the board. The best choice for you depends on your prescription amount, astigmatism, age, important ocular measurements as well as other personal factors. You must also be aware of the risks associated with any surgical technique. We pride ourselves on taking the extra time to personally address the issues involved in making such an important decision as refractive surgery. We make every effort to remain current on all refractive treatment options, and follow almost all of our refractive surgery patients postoperatively.

During normal office hours we make every effort to accommodate emergency patients with red or painful eyes, ocular foreign bodies, and those with sudden vision changes or flashes of light. If your health insurance plan requires authorization from your primary care physician please let us know in advance to help expedite your office visit. After hours emergency will be handled by our on-call doctor. Just call the emergency number provided on any of our office answering machines and an Academy Eye optometrist will be contacting you shortly.

We have a large and varied selection of quality eyeglass frames in our optical department. So, whether you're looking for fashion or budget, we'll always have plenty to choose from. We also have lots of styles especially for children, frames for different types of sports, and industrial safety eyeglasses as well. We feature designer styles from names you will recognize. All of our eyeglass frames are carefully evaluated by our trained opticians before we accept them into our optical department.

At Academy Eye Associates, we understand how patients want to feel when coming to our offices. We understand a first time visit can be stressful and overwhelming from filling out paperwork, learning new faces and names and even getting to know your way around the office. So, we have worked hard to keep our eye doctors and staff trained to make your visit easy, stress-free and relaxing. We know your time is valuable, so this section of our website allows you to get all information about payments, insurance and office forms from the comfort of your home.

Eye examinations, eyeglass or contact lens fittings and treatment of visual impairments can be difficult and stressful for children. Our doctors are specially trained to care for younger patients. It takes extra time, special equipment, and a love of little children. Visual examinations are very important during the early stages of development and can prevent many future problems. The doctors at Academy Eye Associates are experienced in recognizing and treating the early onset of all vision problems and can often offer preventive care to avoid future difficulties.