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Dr. Jeffry Ling has moved ACROSS THE STREET from WAL MART to supply complete service eye care. After serving Moreno Valley / Riverside for over 8 years, Dr. Ling has moved into the Best Buy and Michaels center to open LING OPTIX OPTOMETRY.

Set up in 1902, Riverside Eye Specialist has a history of delivering quality eye care to community families for over 100 years. The staff at Riverside Eye Specialists provides a huge array of eye services, thus enabling our patients to retain one practice that is familiar with their records and medical history.

The Vision Enhancement Center of Optometry specializes in working with kids and adults with learning-related visual problems, computer vision syndrome, and the non-surgical treatment of strabismus eye-turns and amblyopia lazy eye. Our goal is to successfully solve visual problems in as short a time period as possible.

Our aim was to suit all of your requirements in one place. With the fast-paced lives many of us lead, the need to simplify is great. You can get it all done in one place. If you need to get in right away, we can do that too.

Call now for a FREE Consultation! Please think about this carefully as it will aid determine if this procedure is best for you. What would be preceived as ideal for one person might not be for the next. The wide majority of LASIK patients feel they have very nice un corrected vision after the procedure and many term their vision as ideal.