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Had seen 3 other opthalmologists regarding Lasik (one of which is highly advertised as guaranteeing 20/20 vision and which requires a $200 deposit). Hines-Sight was by far the most thorough in the exam, explaining and demonstrating the options (even those that cost less), and explaining the

Just wanted to give you a heads up. If you see something at one Costco you would think the one 10 miles away would have the same stock. Not so much, you.

I have been a patient of Dr. Liz Erley since 1998. She balances consummate professionalism and extraordinary competence with being extremely friendly and.

They were really ready in an hour! I'm sure I've heard the slogan time and time again, but I was SO impressed! Ready in an hour! I left the saleslady to.

Expert service with state of the art optical equipment. It was really cool to see eye care is actually improving over the last few years. Attentive service.

This is the place to get a great deal on contact lenses. The eye exam/lenses combo is cheap, but the service is is not. They really took care of me, even.

They're kidding about the toad. It only has 2 eyes. But if it DID have 12, they'd still be able to fit it with some fine specs.I got an eye exam here a.

I don't normally go ga-ga over brand names. But here you can find frames from Adrienne Vittadini, Anne Klein, Bulgari, Burberry, D&G, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana,.

This is a great place to buy glasses even if you'd be turned off by the self-proclaimed stylesetter's review on principle. (No offense.) They have the best.

When you see the inventory at SO it becomes obvious that Bret has a passion for glasses. Some frames are simple and non desrcript, others are loud and hip,.

My daughter got down to only one contact lens last week, somehow. She thought the place where she got her last 6-mo. supply of contacts was somewhere in.

This place was perfect for what I was looking for. The salesperson let me know that she was available-and gave me the opportunity to look around instead of.

Lots of other places will always try to get you to buy tons of add-on's e.g. polycarbonate lens, photochromic lens, anti-reflective coating, etc. My.

Oh, Dr. Patel. Thank you for fixing me!First of all, I literally didn't know my vision could be this good with glasses. I thought contacts were just.

I always get my glasses here. Of course, I'm a patient of the doctor but Dr. Drucker is one of the best opthamologists in the city. The have a good.

Another In my hood review.My day did not start out so great - popped a flat, and missed work (bad very bad). But, when I got going, my day turned around.

It's been a year and a half. I'm on my way back to pick up a new pair of glasses from Mark's. I like the ones I got before, but while I was there to get.

The best thing about this place was the grey herder-mutt Cinder who was sprawled out on the bench calmly watching over the store with his ice-blue eyes.

At Milk, Friday night's Chocolate Eye Candy is just that- like the United Colors of the L-Word, it's a room full of beautiful ladies representing every.