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The frame selection is stellar and changes often. If you're a frame snob then this is the place for you. Most of the frames are high end designers that.

It's a little impersonal, so if you want the entire staff to recognize you and know your situation, go to Herzberg Optical, a little west of the mall, near.

Very impressed with Dr. Owens. I went for an eye exam and did not feel rushed. Dr. Owen spent the time to review the results of the exam and answered all my questions. He came across as knowledgeable and caring.

Seeing Dr. Susanna Fostiak makes me remember the days when I was young and doctors, optometrists, etc. were all about serving and helping people and not.

After my husbands nice experience at the Lenscrafters in Northbrook(after he sat on my daughter's glasses and we couldn't get in to our optometrist to get.

Nice Pearle Vision location. They have a great selection of frames, with lots of great designer brands. And this place is almost never crowded, so you.

Joseph Subak was my eye doctor for a long long time. I have terrible eyesight and began seeing him when I was a little girl in the second grade. Every year.

The service and knowledge of product is first class! I will go back to this store for sure. The selection of frames and overall knowledge of product is a.

This is where we have done all our Southland eyecare shopping since we stopped going to the Lenscrafters in Matteson (very little reason any more for us to.

My husband and I want to extend a special thank you to Juan, the manager at the Berwyn, Il. location. He was very professional and went out of his way to help me get an eyeglass frame replacement. He is an asset to your organization. Thanks again. Gloria Buttle-Chiostri

This place has been around for a long time. It has a very good selection of imported frames at reasonable prices (cheaper than chains). If you don't find.

Love, love, LOVE this place! I was looking for some new, chic glasses. I work in the loop and checked out a couple of places around the city, but didn't.

Always pleased, never a problem, Always see great after I see doctor Beckerman. What more can you want from an eye doctor?

The young south asian woman doctor here was easy to talk to.knew what she was doing, and offered advice at the end of my eye exam. She gave me tips on how.

Dr. Dygola dealt perfectly with my allergies to certain preservatives, my lifestyle, etc. to come up with great contacts and glasses.

I have found many eye places have a long wait for appointments if you need evening/weekends; I was searching for a new place and got an appointment here the.

Very poor customer service - had to leave several messages in order for management to return my calls - got the run around - ended up finding a new vision center.

Went in for second opinion. Doctor and staff were thorough and a pleasant to deal with. I will be bringing my family in this year. I love my new glasses and I see great with my new contacts. I also liked the technology that the office offered.

I came here to support local business and they accept my insurance. I am glad I did. I have had problems with reading even with contacts in. My last doctor.

I am not a big fan of doctors regardless of what kind they are. They are very close to my place and they took my insurance so I thought I would give them.

As predicted, the frames mentioned in my previous review cracked the other day. Just 3 days away from a much anticipated vacation (once again), I had a.

I am the managing doctor at Target Optical and wanted to pass along to you Julie and others that there has been many positive changes in our store within.

I have gone to this Lenscrafters for all of my glasses for possibly thelast ten years and this place has consistently great service. While I do get my eye.

I used to go here for years and always had great service. However, when I first tried to get contact lenses in the 90's, the person started to get.

I never needed an eye doctor before. Yet one day, I woke up and it seemed that small type was impossible to read. Age, while providing the perspective of.

I've been going to Dr. Phillipou since about 2002. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable as is the doctor, they take a wide arrangement of vision plans.

Fun and informative.We worked with my insurance and got the most for my money. The doctor was very patient, and very informative.

They rock! I've been with them since I was 8 (I'm now 17) with the ortho k (rigid gas permeable corrective contact lens) program. They're very nice and Dr.

Beautiful selection of designer sunglasses (Prada, Gucci, Kate Spade, Burberry). Friendly staff. They even have magazine clippings on hand to display.

I'm effing blind. Today, on my most recent of many visits to the slick, fast-talking Dr. Brand, he actually informed me that I can't get any blinder. It is.

I have been to 3 optomptrosts in the last 3 years and have found the situation very frustating, until I found see. They have an amazing selection of eyewear.

Extremely helpful.i was an hour late bc i had an emergency and they still let me in. gave me a great deal on a pair of glasses, contacts and eye exam!.

At first I thought my optician was rather fast and just wanted to get rid of me.unlike my last optician at Costco, who paid extra attention to my high.

I've been going to Dr. Klein for over 20 years and have not been disappointed. They've been consistently friendly and helpful through many pairs of glasses.

Best eyeball experience ever.Everything everyone's said about Ted is absolutely true, and I should have written this review a long time ago. I went in.

I got my last eye exam from here. They charged me a lot, but they did do a good job. The optometrist here was really nice and was willing to listen to my.

Both my wife and I go to this office. Dr. Siegel is great. The staff is friendly and flexible. Typically easy to find a parking space too. No complaints.

One of these days I'm going to go in here and make a bad decision.I've had a couple near misses already. The staff here are really friendly and helpful,.

This cute little family owned shop has an awesome selection of sunglasses and really personalized service. They will take the time to find a pair of.

Yes, I know I work for lenscrafters (sometimes even at this Location). I just wanted to throw my few cents in. Just so people know, this is also an.

If you find yourself squinting and staring at Starbucks menu board too long you need glasses. Yup, you are now of that age (like my friend). Here is how to.

I have lived in Chicago for about four years now, but remained loyal to my eye doctor in Indianapolis. She was amazing. Alas, she sold her practice.

Very friendly, professional service. The eye exam is very comprehensive and you can do additional tests if you choose to (pay for them, that is). I've only.

I got lasik done here last november and don't regret. all the people here are great. they are nice and friendly and they know me by name. i was pretty.

I really like them. I went to Dr. Tom Benthien and had a very thorough checkup. I then got glasses. The group there is phenomenal in helping you pick out.

After visiting pretty much every eyeglass boutique in Chicago, I finally arrived at a decision at Eye Want. They were kind enough to indulge me as I browsed.

This shop has been here for years. Exactly how many years I'm not sure. They have a lab and an eye doctor on the premises. Their prices are very reasonable.

My mom and I went here to get new glasses. She has a very complicated prescription. The lenses she received at first were slightly off (not that unusual.

I found this Eye Care facility in 2002 and I have been going back ever since then. I wouldnt recommend this place if I wasnt 100% positive that they would.

I've been going to D/Vision for over three years now, and I couldn't be happier with them-I've referred over a half dozen of my friends from the office and.