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Dr. Mary Davidian and her team of highly qualified ophthalmologists and other eye specialists have made my eye care experience highly satisfying. At the age of 46, my current eyeglasses allow me to read and drive and see in general so extremely well. The progressive lenses prescribed to me

I had my eyes examined at Highland Ophthalmology and had my eye glasses made as well. The doctors are excellent. Dr. Rolf reflected me and Manny the Optician made my glasses. They treat you kindly and with respect. They really know how to listen and let me try 20 frames until I was happy.

Got another pair today and I am so psyched! I am fan of Cutler and Gross glasses and Nakedeye has a great selection. I keep thinking of these other frames.

Very nice, friendly, and professional opticians. They have a fair selection in eyewear and this distinctive eyeglass-cleaner substance that's bright green.

Save me from Lens Crafters!Well, with One Hip Chic on the scene, there's no need to worry. Rochester is blessed to have one of the most dedicated optical.

I have been glasses-less for a while now. Ever since I fell asleep on top of my glasses, and then snapped them in half trying to bend them back into shape.

This place was cool. Staff were very helpful, nice and I ended up walking out of there with two pairs of glasses!

I get my glasses from these folks, and they do a good job. They've got a decent selection of frames that are covered by my insurance, and the woman at the.

Funny, quick, and professional. I've been going here for years now and Dr. Schrier and his fast talking staff of girls are incredible! Unlike Pearl and.

Bob is the best when it comes to buying glasses. This place is family owned and operated. There is something something to be said about walking into a place.

Very professional and friendly staff. Dr. Huynh was the doctor that cared for me. He assessed my needs and referred me for further help. I recommend him highly. I've been wearing glasses for many years and found him to be extremely kind and very competent. His confidence puts you at ease. I

I dropped in today for an eye exam and a new prescription for contacts. They were friendly enough, a little too friendly. The woman behind the counter.

Dr.s Young and Vasquez-Young have a state-of-the-art office as well as a fashion-forward selection of eyewear.The husband-wife professionals are top-notch.

Any store can sell a good product, but only great stores provide fanatical customer service. SEE is one of them.I got a pair of glasses about a year ago,.

This is the Best Eyewear, Optical store in NYC.Period Bar NONE!I have been in NYC since 1992 and have purchased glasses and contact from many different.

If you want to skip the quirky vintage set and head straight for some basic, flattering frames, this is a great place to go. I found at least two pair that.

Very friendly, knowledgeable people who will let you play with eyeglass frames for hours.The eye dr., Dr. Maylin Gonzalez is extremely thorough, funny,.

I've never been to such a friendly, professional, and overall FANTASTIC eyecare retailer before! Their eye exam is twice the price of what I paid here in.

An exam has never been so thorough, fast, inexpensive and enjoyable than the one given by Dr. David at Chinatown Optical. My boyfriend came with me to get.

So this was my problem: i needed a pair of contact lenses immediatly because my older ones were irritating me. i actually found this store while aimlessly.

They had my frames and lenses ready in 5 days. FIVE DAYS! this is pretty much unheard of, especially when considering the strength and type of lenses I get.

First of all, the service is impeccable. The salesgirl picked out a few frames that she thought would fit my face after I told her what I was looking for.

I think I came in my pants walking into Bottega. Basically, I wanted to buy another leather wrapped candle. I'm a total candle freak, and what more could be.

Cute little boutique that sells unique eyewear. They have a lot in terms of style range (funky to chic) and brands. I love their vintage items and saw a.

I just had a great shopping experience and walked out with a reasonably priced pair of vintage cats eye frames. Within the first 3 minutes of being in the.

Really impressed with the selection of their frames. And their service is very satisfactory. (Well, yeah! That's the least you should get after purchasing.

This is the only place that I'll go to get glasses in the city! About a year ago, I figured it was time to grow up and throw out my Costco glasses and get a.

SWEETTT! could'nt be more satisfied. great service, excellent turn around time. i got a pair of oliver peoples'. totally worth the cost. no hesitations.