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Not ethical and diagnosis and glasses were completely wrong and we had to have them totally redone. Also, their prices were higher than anyone else. Does not want to bill your insurance correctly.

For new and unusual frames in Portland, I always direct people to Reynold's. Not only is their selection much more interesting than your average eye wear.

When the right lense in my eyeglasses popped out, I was not only annoyed but also frustrated. Turns out there was a loose screw causing this problem.

On the slim chance that I get to escape town for some much needed vacation, this is a pit stop of mine.Gas service is fast, efficient, and cheaper than.

One of the most annoying things to have happen when one is a sun glass wearer is to have them break! If mine had been an old pair, I would have chalked it.

I am very particular about who I let work with concerning my vision. As a child I had lazy eye. They used to send home pamphlets every year at.

When my plastic-framed glasses that I bought at Reynold's three years ago finally got stepped on and broke symmetrically at the bridge, the whole world.

Black.Tortoise.Black.TortoiseBlack.Tortoise.Oh my god, this is surely the hardest decision I'm ever going to have to make.Good thing I had the.

Completely legally blind, I am. That is without correction. I am very sensitive about who and what goes near my eyes. Dr. Nguyen is smart, young, and.

I have to admit I do not wear glasses, but this beautiful, spacious store always caught my eye. Since my dad mentioned he wanted a certain type of designer.

Guys don't make passesAt girls who wear glasses.So the saying goes. Its composer has obviously never been to Portland. Every one of our favorite styles,.

My husband got two pairs of prescription reading glasses made cheap in under two hours at Binyon's. I don't know that I'd go there for a complicated.

After reading reviews online I went here and I was very happy with the experience. My eye exam was not unpleasant, the best that can be said about an eye.

My experience with Blink has been absolutely top notch!the staff is young and hip and friendly - exactly the people you want helping you to pick from the.

Optical Brokers was a god-send. I lost one of my lenses of my glasses on an airplane. Sweet, because that totally makes my flying experience even better.

Uptown Eye Care and Optical is a great eye clinic with personalized service and wonderful customer care. My favorite part about this clinic is the amazing.

This store is open and spacious (unlike some mall locations) with the usual assortment of sunglasses. Some are way overpriced and some are pretty decent.

I like Reynolds a lot, but they are pretty expensive. The best things about it are:1. Multiple locations2. Friendly eye doctors for a cheap $80 eye exam.