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My family of 4 went in to have our eyes checked. All came out with glasses. Complained to Dr. Alfieri my glasses just didn't seem right. Staff did not have a lot of patience and the problem was never fixed. Kids never wore their glasses because it made them feel dizzy. Asked for prescription

I was extremely pleased with the staff, as well as the physician. Dr. McDaniel was very friendly, and spent a great deal of time explaining my condition to me. Hands down, he is one of the BEST doctors I've ever seen!!

One of a kind. Excellent selection and great prices. You'll find some really neat frames that TSO and the like will never carry. They have a lot of cool.

After I dried the tears off my face and collected my thoughts.just finding out my perfect 2 year old little boy isn't so perfect.I ventured out find.

This store will be moving soon to Saigon Mall in Garland. This is a small, mom & pop eyeglass shop. In spite of competing with megagiant eyeglass chains,.

Eyemasters has a decent selection of frames, salespeople that range from the hot and knowledgeable to the old and antsy to the young and ditsy. I have met.

I first came in contact with a gentleman who is a Lasik Counselor at the Kleiman-Evangelista Eye Center several months back. We got on the topic of lasik and I expressed my fears. He was very calming and reassured me that there really is nothing to be afraid of. So, I made an appointment for


Hooray for the place where I get my frames! Fastest in town, and some of the best prices, too! Look out if they're already busy when you show up, though.

Dr. Chan acts pretty fem.even more fem than most of my gay friends!But I like him.I still go and see him even though I live in NY.


Went here with a buddy of mine to get a new bike for him and this place was great. It was much much better than I had expected. The salesman spent about 30.

Excellent doctor and staff: They said I could not wear contacts. Dr. O proved all of them wrong!

My wife and I have had beautiful reslts with Luck Optical, I have a VERY, VERY, difficult prescription and it nornally costs around $ 600.00. We also live about 2 and 1/2 hours drive away. I recently set my glasses down on the desk and the lens fell out. I called Luck Optical and was placed

Good prices, they will order in anything you ask for and beat Dallas prices every time!

Oh thank God there are better glasses than Target! Factory Eyeglass is a little on the pricey side, but hey, if you average it out over the many years.

Went there last night to get glasses. Very helpful staff and it took a little over an hour. The selection of frames was awesome, and it was much less.

I've read many horror stories about Lenscrafters online, so I was wary when entering the store. But their eye exams were the most affordable and the.

I went to Eyemasters in the Valley View Mall and the service and selection were as good as it gets. The service was top notch, everyone was very friendly.

This place has the best designer glasses in austin hands down.Stars in Your Eyes combines everything one needs for the perfect pair of eye glasses. Great.

I went for an eye exam. The place was clean and professional. The courteous staff worked quickly. I appreciated it a lot!It's at the Galleria, though,.

These guys rock. They have a very up to date collection of frames. They take the business very seriously, the customer service is oustanding and they have.

My ongoing quest to become a superhero successfully continues!So, it was time for my yearly eye exam, and after asking our benefits lady at work who takes.

This is an extremely pricey glasses store at Westheimer and Shepherd. But I am giving it 5 stars because these glasses are worth every penny. Here's my.

Fine selection of great sunglasses and eyeglasses from Chanel, Oliver Peoples, Robert Marc and Paul Smith. While a little pricier than department stores,.

13 years. That's not as many years as I saw my pediatrician, but it is a while. The folks at EE have never done wrong by me - really, the only problem.

I've seen both Dr. Bui and Dr. Kuo. Both people are very warm, caring, and friendly. Unlike other offices I've been to, the doctors here always take time.

The best selection of contemporary eyeglasses, and the best service in Dallas for this type of business. Expensive, but worth it.

Hey, you like my glasses? I got them at Santa Fe Optical, the only optical boutique in town that carries this brand, Theo, and the only Austin shop I know.

Today's visit was my third to Dr. Zaibaq's office (Eye Trends) at the Meyerland Plaza mall. My ex-husband recommended him to me while we lived together and.

If things are getting blurry even though haven't been drinking, these guys can probably fix you up. An independent doctor of optometry is adjacent to.

A couple of perks.They are quick, usually glasses done with in the hour. ( However if you are me and your vision sucks it can be up to a week.)They once.

I've gotten a couple of pairs of glasses here and overall the people have been very nice. Unlike other optometrists I've been to, there is no pressure at.

Turtle Creek Eye Associates was recommended to me by a girl at the last place I worked. I went their last year and again this year. Dr. Rebecca Ponder has.

Dr. Lindsey is, far and away, the best opthamologist I've ever seen. Very thorough, very nice, and she has a bedside manner that just inspires confidence.

I practically grew up in this mall; I've been coming to it for so long! It's been through a several years long makeover inside and out, and I think they've.

I really like this Target's glasses selection and their staff. Everyone was friendly and honest, which is very important when you are picking out glasses.

OSA has been providing my contact lenses for a long time. It may be cheaper to order them by mail - but I love having real people to make sure my.

I LOVE this store and can only find my signature black glasses here. After perusing various local optical shops and trying on variations of the same exact.

The prescription for my glasses is four years old and they're falling apart, so when I suddenly had to revert back to them from my contacts, I was in.

I've been going here for years to take care of my glasses/contacts needs. i went to a store in the mall once and they gave me contacts that irritated my.

I went to this store because I needed a new pair of sunglasses for summer. The sales people were nice and helpful. Most places work on commition and the.

Located in the Four Points shopping center on the corner opposite HEB - that's 620 at 2222 for anyone who is not familiar with the area.This is a high-end.

This is our favorite grocery store. In fact, sometimes we go to this Target just to hang out. My wife can get a Pumpkin Spice Cream thing at Starbucks,.